O.P.L Group Ltd ;

we have  Speacial trucks in Turkey to Europe and With a strong presence on local Turkey Market and international Europe markets and as a product oriented freight and logistics company we offer worldwide Project Shipments , air, ocean and truck freight, heavy and special shipments and logistics services for different industries.



Our Services are briefly;


  • Oversıze & Heavy Transportation ( lowloader – tıefbed or lowbed 5axle – 8 axle  40-90 tons )
  • Available trailers of all type for destinations to Turkey and from Turkey to anywhere in europe, eussia, Assia, middle east.
  • Permanent contact with special customer representative
  • On time organization and document flow relating with your  shipments
  • Tracking all kind of logıstıcal transactions with respect to your instructions about your shipment
  • Regular updates about latest statues  of trucks
  • Actual transıt times and  deliveries in accordance wıth your schedule
  • Promt respond in case of urgent transport requirements



Road service FULL or Parcel Service ( Import & Export – Transshipment ) to Poland , Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany , France , Italy , Belgium , Netherlands and UK ( in Europe ) Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia , Russia ( in Asia )

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